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This site contains links to other sites that have a couple of things in common. One is that they were all written by me. Another is that they all pertain to deplorable situations that exist or existed in society, typically at some level of government. Certainly opinion manages to intrude into the conclusions drawn in the various sites, but whatever opinions stated are based on facts, almost all of which are footnoted for the purpose of enabling the reader to verify them. In other words, the opinions are well grounded. There is no claim to genius here -my only advantage over most readers is that I've had more time to inform myself than has the average person. Furthermore, it is my belief that there are more than several people who already know about what I've written - these people will be amongst those who deny without good reason even after having read. My reason for writing is twofold. First is that it may prompt much-needed change. A certain class of people has had its way for far too long. Second is that it makes me feel better. There are currently fourteen links here to other sites.

The first link unequivocally places kingpin type responsibility for the holocaust squarely on the United States. The evidence is overwhelming. Only the sociopathology of the American mental health system has permitted the truth to be obscured as long as it has. The politically correct explanation is simply laughable. Why would non-Aryans ever help an Aryan supremacist? And Hitler acheived total tactical surprise when he commenced operation Barbarossa because Stalin was expecting an ultimatum? Oh, please! And the body count with regard to communism just a coincidence? Wait until you see the case against good old Uncle Sam!

The second link pertains to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The big loser in the Cuban Revolution of 1959 was the United Fruit Company, then headquartered in Boston. The successful rebels simply nationalized all of the company's holdings in Cuba, most of which were related to the production of sugar. A big winner was the state of Louisiana. This was due to the fact that most of the sugar harvested domestically in the U.S. was grown there. The economic fates of those in the sugar industry is relevant for two reasons. One is that the dichotomy presented by JFK's pro-labor antics as a Representative and then Senator from Massachusetts coupled with the United Fruit Company's economic fate as opposed to Edward Hebert's (former editor of a New Orleans newspaper) anti-labor antics while a member of HUAC coupled with the economic fate of Louisiana sugar is not coincidental. The second is that it is extremely difficult to understand any tolerance on the part of any Louisianans to tolerate anybody who wanted to overthrow Castro when his overthrow would worked to the serious economic detriment of the state. Obviously, something much bigger was involved here. The reader can glimpse it by considering JFK's pro-labor stance and Uncle Sam's rabid anti-labor animus and from a dialogue between Jimmy Hoffa and Barry Goldwater before the Senate Rackets Committee. After Hoffa explained that his purpose was to get a better deal for his Teamsters, and not to transform the economy, Goldwater responded, "For the good of the union movement I am very hopeful that your philosophy prevails."

As a preview to the assassination of Malcolm X, consider the facts that he housed Fidel Castro when Castro was in New York in 1960, and that on December 1, 1963 he said,"President Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon ...." Since he was not killed until February 21, 1965, it looks like the timing is a little off for this statement to be the motive for his murder, but it is easy to demonstrate that the timing is in fact spot on when one considers the content of the book he authored in the interim.

As a preview to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, consider the following two facts. First is that when the first police officer on the scene demanded that Rafer Johnson (the torchbearer for the summer Olympics held in Atlanta in 1996) give him the gun allegedly used to assassinate RFK, Johnson refused, and stated that he would give it up at the police station. In the real world, Johnson should have been shot six times center mass. The second is that when Professor Robert Blakey headed an investigation by the House Select Committee into the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. to "dispel persistent rumors," he did not investigate the assassination of RFK due to the desire to limit spending. Compare Clinton's blowjob. If your hooey detector has not redlined, then you need a new hooey detector. Furthermore, it is at least interesting that on June 3, 1968, RFK said, "I now fully realize that only the powers of the Presidency will reveal the secrets of my brother's death." You can add this to exactly the same motives for JFK.

The link entitled William McKinley demonstrates that the Kennedy assassinations merley carried on a national tradition of the wealthy murdering those who are able to beat the system while working within it.

With regard to the tragedy that occurred at Waco in 1993, be advised that both remaining Democratic candidates for the presidency have a connection. Hillary Clinton's husband was President when it occurred, and naturally stood by her man during the diversion posed by the Lewinsky affair. Bernie Sanders was one of the congressmen involved in the investigation and preparation of House Report 104-749 from which so much of the article on Koresh is taken. His only assignment of blame on Clinton was his failure to accept Janet Reno's resignation.

The murder by heart attack link (Two Heart Attacks) discusses two deaths by heart attacks - Johnny Hyde's and Harry Dexter White's. The two victims are no longer well known, however the some of the perpetrators' will be familiar, particularly Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe.

Here are the links:

Malcolm X
William McKinley
Two Heart Attacks
Pius XII
First Commandment
First Century Palestine
Legal Dishonesty
Psychiatry Exposed
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Three of the current links pertain to religion. All of them question its validity. Please do not accuse me of disrespecting religion merely by pointing out what I regard as its internal flaws. So doing would be trampling all over my right to freedom of speech. The first of these two links states an obvious motive for the Holocaust, a motive which for some reason has yet to be openly stated. Herein, at least in the opinion of the writer, lies its primary value, although there are at least several other valid observations contained in the site. The motive is part of an objection to the canonization of Pope Pius XII, also known as the Holocaust Pope. Stated simply, the motive was Zionism, which was the movement to establish a sovereign Jewish state, preferably but not necessarily in Palestine. The assertion that this was the motive is bolstered by two events that occurred in Europe and the absolutely impeccably timed Zionistic responses by the European Jew. The first is the permanent removal by the authorities of Edgardo Mortara from the home of his Jewish biological parents and biological family in Bologna (at that time under the sovereignty of the Papal States) in June of 1858. At the time, Edgardo was 6 years old. The reason for the forcible removal was that Edgardo had allegedly been secretly baptized by a Catholic domestic servant employed by the Mortaras when he was an infant and ill, thus converting him to Christianity. Under the law of the Papal States, it was illegal for a Christian to be raised by Jews, even if they were the biological parents. The removal became a cause celebre. In 1860, the international Jewish human rights organization Alliance israelite universelle was founded in Paris. Then in 1862 God said "Let there be a Jew named Moses Hess," and lo, Moses Hess wrote Rome and Jerusalem: The Last National Question. The overriding theme of Rome and Jerusalem is a Jewish return to Palestine, which, of course, is the essence of Zionism. Interestingly, Hess envisioned the establishment of a socialistic Jewish state there. The second event digested is the wrongful conviction of a Jew by the name of Alfred Dreyfus for treason by the French government in 1894. In 1899 Dreyfus was pardoned but not exonerated. In 1906 he was officially exonerated. After he was convicted, God said "Let there be a Jew named Theodor Herzl," and lo, in 1895 he wrote Der Judenstaat. (The book was published in 1896.) The German title translates to The Jewish State. Herzl subsequently became the leader of the Zionist movement.

The second link pertaining to religion focuses on the First Commandment, which states "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." It demonstrates that the word "gods" means "gods", and thus that the commandment presupposes the existence of more than one god. The significance of this fact is impossible to overstate, as it guts Judaism, Christianity, and Islam of any validity whatsoever. Whatever would anybody fight about without them? The first centruy Palestine site relates what really happened with regard to Jesus. How can Jesus be said to be odious? Two Christian precepts are that slaves should obey their masters just as they would Jesus (see Colossians 3:22, Ephesians 6:5)and that wives should be subject to their husbands. (See Colossians 3:18, Ephesians 5:22-24.) If you don't think that is odious, then there is something wrong with you.

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The Psychiatry Exposed site demonstrates that the psychiatric profession has always been primarily an institution of political control. Its role in garnering support for the various war efforts of the United States gets the greatest emphasis, but its role in matters of race, homosexuality, SIDS, and Christianity are also discussed. Lawyers should note that the First Amendment does apply to any diagnosis of mental disorder, and further that a lot of what appears here can be judicially noticed at any proceeding where it is alleged that the reason for a diagnosis of mental disorder is politically motivated. The psychiatric profession cannot withstand close scrutiny, and the increase in ability to defend against a bogus involuntary commitment should offset the intimidation felt from knowledge of psychiatry's past.

The Legal Dishonesty site illuminates a major flaw in the legal system at the most basic level. It demonstrates that there is very little incentive to tell the truth while under oath, and that there is often a powerful pecuniary incentive to lie under oath. This vicious combination has resulted in a wholly unnecessary proliferation of litigation that has cost both the taxpayer and the insurance policy holder substantially while lining the pockets of the lawyers. The unjustness - and absurdity - of the situation will be obvious upon reading the link. So, too, will be the need for at least some restraint, which will never happen unless the fact that the legal profession is self-regulating is changed.

The SBA site blasts the financial support given to aid small businesses. More specifically, it blasts the Small Business Act, and urges that it be repealed. The page notes several reasons for dissatisfaction, but the most basic is that the small businessman is enabled to play the game inefficiently with somebody else's money - namely, the taxpayers.

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The final site pertains to a situation that existed in Lake County, Indiana during the 1990s. The primary source of the material regarding the Twenty-fourth Regiment in Coeur d'Alenes is a book entitled Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America, written by J. Anthony Lukas. The book was published posthumously in 1997, not long after Lukas committed suicide. Friends of Lukas said that he'd "been in a funk" since completing it. There is more than meets the eye here. Due at least in part to the publicity surrounding the actions of the Twenty-fourth, blacks were perceived negatively by the white male worker in the West. Teddy Roosevelt was enormously popular to the rugged individualist anyway, and became more so when he publicly denigrated the performance of black troopers in San Juan. Teddy Roosevelt was, of course, a war hawk, and when he said it was time for war, many white male workers of the West supported him wholeheartedly. This would not be the last black contribution to an Uncle Sam war recruiting effort. Indeed, it pales by comparison to what happened when the possibility of blacks being inducted during time of war became a reality as in the Viet Nam era. That's right, what is now ludicrously referred to as "scared straight" began as "scared into enlistment." Every white male that enlisted meant one less male drafted, a male who might be black, or even a correctional officer's kid. That "scared straight" is a mere pretext becomes obvious when the fact that the wrong people are being scared is acknowledged. Note that the Supreme Court of the United States case which denies standing to Peterson to object to the interrogation of his accomplice is Jones v. United States, 362 U.S. 257, 261, 80 S.Ct. 725, 731, 4 L.Ed.2d 697 (1960), in which the court said: "In order to qualify as a 'person aggrieved by an unlawful search and seizure' one must have been a victim of a search or seizure, one against whom the search was directed, as distinguished from one who claims prejudice only through the use of evidence gathered as a consequence of a search or seizure directed at someone else." How many other serial killers have been acquitted, even if only in one out of three cases? Oh, well. At least Peterson did not escape from jail, like Ted Bundy did twice. The absolute scandalous nature of the proceeding against Peterson notwithstanding, the primary value of this site is its link to the correct interpretation of the First Amendment. The actual amounts lost by the worker due to incorrect interpretation are staggering, and therein lies the motive for deliberate misinterpretation.